The Art of Staging

Tampa, FL | Baybodd Investments, LLC

It is hard for most people to walk through a property and understand how they would live in a space, the function of each room. Here’s how you can help bring it to life with these easy guidelines….

1. Make Rooms Appear Larger

Curtains (keep light exposed) Custom curtains are a large component to the well designed room. Adding a custom touch to store bought curtains can give the room more of a custom designed look.

Mount your curtains at ceiling level. This will extend the eye upwards and make the room feel taller and more spacious.

Mirrors strategically placed can make rooms appear much larger than they actually are. We recommend mirrors in entryways, behind lamps on side tables,

2. Keep it Light & Minimal | Light walls, light furniture and modern art will make for an impact for buyers walking through your home. Neutral colors are good all around, but definitely add that light pop of color that will add an extra memorable effect.

3. It’s the Little Things | Don’t forget about the small touches. Add a sleek stack of coffee table books, some colorful flowers, and few strategically placed embellishments to add that extra value you are wanting your home to portray. Make sure to replace any dated hardware for cabinets doors, light fixtures or chandeliers, lamps on side tables with mirrors behind, and of course, accents with books, candles, towels, etc. However, make sure not to clutter your home.

4. Don’t Rush | Don’t list your home before it is ready. Instead of rushing into showings, invest time and money into preparing your home to viewed and judged from all angles. This will ensure it will be snatched up in the first few showings, because people will fall in love with it when they see how well it is taken care of and maintained.